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Modesto, CA 95356

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ill titleHistory of Hunt Paving

TrainThe Hunt family has been contracting in the western United States for over one hundred years. W.B. Hunt began grading for railroad construction in the late 19th century using steam shovels and horse drawn Fresno scrapers. As technology progressed, shovels and horses gave way to Model-T trucks and cat-and-can scrapers. His son W.W. Hunt continued as a contractor working on railroad projects and expanded out into highway construction. The next two generations of Hunts, J.R. and Zane continued in site work construction working on projects through outu the California bay area. They formed a partnership in 1971 and established Hunt Paving.

Five generations later, the Hunt’s remain in the construction industry. W.B. Hunt’s great-great grandson Jeff is the fifth generation to be a site work contractor and operates Hunt Paving today. Although steam powered shovels and horse drawn scrapers have given way to diesel powered equipment and GPS/Laser technology, Hunt Paving’s principle of providing excellent customer service and quality work still hold true today.